Sow Experience 5th anniversary

Our company Sow Experience has celebrated 5th anniversary on 25th May. There are 10 staff including board members and I believe Sow Experience must become much more attractive company in next few years. No, honestly saying, our employees are liable to get bored to anything so I feel pressure from them to keep this company in many kinds of excitements and stimulations. And of course, I hope our staff to believe we are trying to make new type of products/service as pioneer, and in addition, we are working in an advanced style.

Let's talk about our product/service first. I do still think that the concept of EXPERIENCE has huge potential, in other words, we would be able to contribute in many fields by gathering and editing many kinds experiences from all over the world and providing it in various ways such as experience gift, web site operation and so on. For example, Ekunabi has a lot of fun spot information and it would be helpful for foreigners living or visiting Japan to seek for their favorite spot where they can experience sports/relaxation/gourmet/foreign_culture, and we have already been preparing demo site of Ekunabi in English, Also I think we can contribute for those who have retired but been puzzled about what they should do in daily life, by providing them many opportunities to experience a variety of activities or making a good community.

As well as what we do, I hope my company being advanced about "how we do". The idea of "office should be noisy, and those who want concentrate should go out" is one of our peculiar thought about office. Many people love this concept, therefore many people both inside and outside of Sow Experience are gathering to our office and making fun conversation there. We will relocate our office to Gotanda in coming August and next office would be much more fun by sharing that space with some other companies or individuals! (Please contact us if you are interested in sharing office with us) Moreover, it is our original style that most of our staff have their own job other than Sow Experience, that means they (including me!) are doing double work.

We are living in new era with quite convenient and productive circumstances, so that we would better to take advantage of them as far as we can.

Well, I do keeping much effort to make Sow Experience much more attractive company for many people! Thanks.