10/13 Angel Investor and guests from Panasonic

I am very happy that the GIft Advisor I introduced yesterday is welcomed by many people, and we are still looking for many good gift idea you would have. This site is still test and it is going to be converted into official version in a few days or weeks.

Today I had skype discussion with Ando-san who is now studying at MBA in Boston, and we discussed angel investor now he is researching. Our capital is merely 30-40 million yen but we have already had more than 30 shareholders and most of them are angel investor. Some of them are looking forward to making much money by our share gone to IPO, but some of them are having our share just for fun, for their good experience. I think it makes you much stimulative if you become angel investor to some companies you like, much more than just doing online-trade. I do recommend.

After that, I had many guests from Panasonic, a company I used to be taken care for a year before starting Sow Experience. They came to our office for their in-house training called "Keiei-Juku" and I introduced our business and our working style. I do not know how much I could affect them but we had a very good and significant time together.

Now, already 10pm but I am still working at office with Taishi and Chie, and now thinking about petit renewal of our Ekunabi website. We are now putting much effort to increase Page View and Unique Visitor to this site as 10 times as present.