10/8 Inspiration Relay

I have a lot of meeting or conversation about new business startups.

  1. Senior friend of mine is now planning to make a employee training service to big companies. He used to be a representative of our gift service competitor and is still member of that company, but we have good relation each other and often exchange good information each other.

  2. Sow Experience is now preparing sports-related service with major magazine publisher. We have discussed this plan since 6 month ago and finally the plan has taken shape. By doing this business, I think we can approach to people that we cannot reach so far. Hope to introduce to you soon.

  3. I had dinner with Mutsumi Ota, who got taken my Freedom University class a year ago and recently won the business plan contest held by Japanese strong Internet company Digital Garage. An article about his business is here.

  4. Today, one of my student as above has left Tokyo to work in Noto, Ishikawa prefecture. He was at a loss a few weeks ago whether or not he should go there or keep staying in Tokyo. But finally he decided to go to Noto and try to join a retail shop opening that sells special product of Noto area.

My motivation to do our own business is always kept at high level, but by seeing people who is just thinking or preparing to start a new challenge, I am able to get inspired so much. I would like to call this phenomenon as Inspiration Relay.


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