People of love


When I talk to Ugandan people, especially Ronnie, I am always so impressed that they are always thinking about “others” such as families and friends. That is why I like them so much and there is plenty of things I can learn from them. Yesterday we talked about growing rice in our land, located in JInja alongside River Nile. Demand for rice has been increasing as almost the same pace as the African countries has become richer. According to Ronnie, some of our friend living in Uganda can afford to eat rice, but they do not. Why? Ronnie said that is because they have meal almost everyday with bigger families and neighbors. It is very natural for them to think about not only their own family but also families beyond parents and kids, and neighbors. That is why more money is required to have rice with no hesitation. I also know that some Ugandas living in Tokyo has been supporting tuition for some students in Uganda, even from when they did not have enough money they can use for themselves. They are always thinking about others. They are people of love.