▼I went to IKEA with Chie, Emiko and Ichizo to purchase furnitures for the new office. Total cost we paid would be 1/3 compared with other furniture-chain shops. Is there a chance that I would buy furnitures at shops other than IKEA? ▼Ichizo (today was his first visit to IKEA) just stood because of the low-price and the large scale.

▼今日はハードスケジュール。IKEAを出た後は舞浜まで車を飛ばし、Naooomi誕生日会@Tokyo Disney Sea。 本日特製TシャツにNaoominimouse、素晴らしい手の込みよう。 それにしても、夜のディズニーシーは綺麗ですね。今更ですが、デートに是非!(笑)