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▼We had a important meeting in the morning. In that meeting, we decided to stop the project we have planned to start this year and, instead, start a new plan. I'm so gratified that we could make such a decision, because we can use our creativity as much as we have in the new plan we will challenge. ▼Dinner was with a good couple who decided to marry. Mr.F(one of a coulpe) said that we(me and Ichizo) created a chance that they got approaching each other and supported him to decide the proposal of marriage. I was so happy to hear that. ▼The gift we gave them today is these two DVDs, which I and my sweet like so much.

きみに読む物語 スタンダード・エディションきみに読む物語 スタンダード・エディション
ライアン・ゴズリング ニコラス・スパークス ニック・カサヴェテス

ハピネット・ピクチャーズ 2006-10-27
売り上げランキング : 1995

by G-Tools
リチャード・カーティス ヒュー・グラント キーラ・ナイトレイ

ユニバーサル・ピクチャーズ・ジャパン 2006-04-01
売り上げランキング : 260

by G-Tools