Ride on big wave/骑在大波

Last week, Japanese government (more precisely, sightseeing division) strongly released to make budget of inbound travel to Japan three times than before. I think getting much more foreign visitors into Japan is one of few big opportunities in this shrinking country, and Ekunavi, fun spot sharing site by Sow Experience, is located to ride on this big wave. Therefore, we have decided to translate a part of Ekunavi into some language (firstly maybe English and Chinese, Korean will come later) and provide good information of Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kamakura and so on for increasing foreign visitors.

Of course, there are lot of sightseeing information around us, in magazines and on internets, but I have never seen foreign city's fun spot information proposed by local people and written in Japanese. I think this situation is almost the same in other countries, and foreign visitors to Japan is seeking for other new information rather than general sightseeing information.

I am not sure fun spot information posted by local people would be accepted by foreigners, but there are much possibility in front of us. I wanna challenge.

Chinese version below is translated by Google

上周,日本政府(更准确地说,观光师)强烈释放,使入境旅游的预算比以前日本的3倍。 我想获得更多的进入日本的外国游客是一大机遇很少在这个萎缩的国家,Ekunavi,乐趣当场母猪经验共享网站,位于乘这个大浪潮。 因此,我们决定翻译成一些语言(英文和中文第一也许是Ekunavi的一部分,韩国会后),并提供越来越多外国游客到东京,北海道,冲绳,镰仓等良好的信息。

当然,也有很多我们周围的旅游信息,在杂志和网际网路,但我从来没有见过外国城市的乐趣现场信息,并建议由当地人民在日本写的。 我认为这种情况几乎在其他国家一样,日本的外国游客为其他信息,而不是一般的观光寻求新的信息。

我不知道娱乐现场张贴信息的当地人会被外国人所接受,但也有很多在我们面前的可能性。 我想挑战。