Movies and book featuring woman's lifetime

Have you ever watched this CM, UK department store John Lewis TVCM which won Cannes advertisement award this year. This movie features a woman's lifetime in just a few minute film and BGM (Billy Joel's "Always a woman") is making this movie much more attractive and impressive.

If you like this movie, I strongly recommend you to read this book named "ちいさなあなたへ", that is kind of picture book for baby and kids. (Original English version is here, "Someday".) This book also features a lifetime of a woman, from being born till getting old, in just 40 pages with plenty of pictures.

ちいさなあなたへ (主婦の友はじめてブックシリーズ)
ちいさなあなたへ (主婦の友はじめてブックシリーズ)アリスン・マギー ピーター・レイノルズ

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And one more, youtube movie below is SONY's handycam CM maybe used this year.

I wonder why these kind of movies and book featuring woman's lifetime grab our heart so much. Moreover, life is short and our life it is going to be very similar with other people's ones if we neglect or hesitate to experience and feel any things by following heart and intuition.