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I heard that the chrome extension for DeepL was great, so I tried it.
At this stage, it’s just “translation x browser x extension”, but there’s a big gap between understanding it in your head and being impressed when you try it, so I recommend you to try it at least once.
After all, it is overwhelmingly easy to select the necessary part and just press the button (which appears at the bottom of the selection), and the Japanese translation will appear without any transition. It’s a different level from moving tabs around and copying and pasting. I used to watch BBC news every day because the English is easy and short, but now I can access media that I was uncomfortable with because of their high level of difficulty in English with a calm mind and read them quickly. The other day, I started subscribing to the New York Times on the spur of the moment, and so far I’ve been able to read various articles without any inconvenience. It’s great.
Of course, I think I’m missing out on the opportunity to memorize individual words, so it’s a matter of judgment, but anyway, it seems to me that once you’ve gone to the other side of the toilet, it’s hard to go back, just like the washlet.
For now, it’s still a browser extension, so it’s mainly for PCs, but I can’t wait to see how similar things will become available for smartphones and apps.
I used to write important information in both Japanese and English for foreigners in my company, but now I use DeepL to translate everything.
If it becomes possible to read books on Kindle devices and apps, there will be no need to wait for Japanese versions of foreign language books, and if an iPhone-like version with AR glasses comes out soon, physical books will also be possible.
By the way, I just picked up the English version of the following at DeepL. Isn’t it amazing?