University Of Notre Dame Staff Enterprise Agreement

A specialized staff advisory and implementation committee will be established to implement the EA and address broader employment issues affecting qualified staff. The advisory committee will be composed only of administrative and union members. Employees may receive free annual vaccinations on campus or receive a pharmacy voucher for employees who cannot participate in the day or for employees residing in rural areas. The National Tertiary Education Union campus branch says management has provided 1.5 percent administrative pay increases, half of what the union wants. And the NTEU adds that UNDA executives are not on super-bums – the university pays 12 percent, while the permanent staff of public universities (which is not the STI) gets 17 percent. The university replies that “as we are currently negotiating with the NTEU, we cannot comment.” If you would like more information on collective bargaining for professional staff, please contact the NTEU Macquarie Branch Office (ext 7643 or [email protected]) or one of the NTEU Professional Staff Bargaining Team: Benjamin Dougall, Rob Davies, Nikki Balnave, Robbie Miller and Cathy Rytmeister. If you would like us to hold a union meeting at your workplace to discuss the progress/questions of enterprise bargaining, please contact the institution and we will set it up. Six weeks of paid surrogacy leave available to specialized staff and the guaranteed right to return part-time parental leave (provided that a fraction greater than 0.6) 17% of employer contributions are paid to all professional fixed-term agents and which will be staggered over the duration of the contract. Each campus hosts mass divine services for staff, students and the public every day. There were also a number of issues that we considered relatively minor and that we wanted to clarify.

The university has not cooperated on these issues. The university provides 25% tuition assistance for dependent children (under 21 years of age) of staff authorized for the duration of their first degree or diploma. The old agreement expired 18 months ago and talks on a new agreement have been going on for two years without anything happening. The industrial conditions for the employment of UTS staff are prescribed: the university rewards and pays tribute to the excellence and sustainable excellence of university staff through the annual academic promotion process. Academic staff have the opportunity to apply for promotion at the next stage of the appointment, the evaluation being based on merits and academic results. December 2021 means that the negotiation processes for professional and academic staff will be adapted to the next cycle. This will increase the bargaining power of qualified staff. The staff of the University of Notre Dame of Australia demonstrates an amazing commitment to the university. It is right that UNDA management should retaliate ed than this commitment. As a collaborator, you have access to all of these incredible benefits: Permanent and temporary employees receive 13% employer superannuation dues and on-site access UniSuper Superannuation Advice, seminars and assistance.

NTEU Macquarie Branch is working to have the new Fair Work professional staff agreement approved before Christmas.