Qatar Diamond Agreement

. As stated in the article, the price depends entirely on the specific needs of the customer, so it has not been possible for Qatar Executive to provide even an indicative figure. Always wondered why the private jet market was so clumsy in terms of flexibility and paying for the empty leg, adding extras etc. It seems to be a much more competitive and attractive option. “We talk to our customers to understand their travel profile – where they usually travel and where they can pay us attention.” He added that the company understands that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are looking for versatile, quality services from a serious and financially secure operator. In the end, he would like to point out that in these unprecedented times, passengers can count on flexible and personalized services. This is displayed with the function that unused hours are refunded at any time. “No two customers are equal, so there are no two equal programs,” Hardman says, adding that even “on prior request, the airline can facilitate smoking on board. Basically, everything is tailored to the customer`s needs. “On-demand or ad hoc charters offer flexibility without obligation, even if the downside is that there is no guaranteed availability if you wish on a given day, and prices are different for each trip. “We are among the top five VIP jet pilots in Australia and from Australia, you look at about five to ten flights in an average month. Qatar Executive currently operates a fleet of 18 private aircraft and includes Gulfstream G650ERs, Gulfstream G500s and Global 5000 aircraft. It is the launch customer of Gulfstream`s flagship jet, the Gulfstream G700. Hardman rejected Executive Traveller`s requests to provide examples of the diamond agreement at prices per hour, as it is “driven by the specific requirements of the customer.” Perfectly suited to the individual needs and needs of the customer, The Diamond Agreement offers an unparalleled private jet travel program and a truly unique flight experience.

This comes as such an announcement – you say “Flat Hourly Rate,” but not really the open cost! In the absence of minimum annual usage and maximum transmission times, the pre-purchased Diamond Agreement was designed to simplify private jet traffic, making the Diamond Agreement program unrivalled in terms of flexibility. Qatar Executive customers are also guaranteed availability for bookings already booked from 72 hours in advance. “The Diamond Agreement is really about simplifying private jet traffic,” Hardman told Executive Traveller. . The ability of customers to fully refund unused hours is another unique part of the package that Hardman sees as a reflection of the “world we live in now.” This range reflects Qatar Executive`s customer base of “ultra-high net people, businesses and governments,” says Hardman, daring between and around the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.