Learning Agreement Rwth Erasmus

The International Office grants the Erasmus Scholarship. Students receive a grant agreement in July each year if their Erasmus stay abroad begins in the winter semester of the academic year. For those students, who are beginning their Erasmus stay in the summer semester, the Erasmus scholarship is granted in November each year. Mobility agreement staff teaching Mobility agreement staff training Financial support for Erasmus study stays is based on differences in the cost of living in the destination countries, the so-called programmer countries. You Are Here: Erasmus- Funding and Funding Requirements Certificates of Study Letters for Foreigners Office Obtaining the Erasmus scholarship includes assignments that students are informed of by the International Office after being selected by the faculties or sections for an Erasmus study place. A short list of these obligations can be found in the download area. The Erasmus Student Charter provides information on the rights and obligations of Erasmus participants. Note: Save the form before filling it out. Erasmus Scholarships Granted by the International Office Please download the files to your computer (right click, save under…) and then open them with an appropriate application. Some forms contain filled fields. From the 2018/2019 academic year, the following country group allocation will apply throughout Europe. The highest cost of living is in the Group 1 countries.

As a result, students who complete Erasmus studies in a Group 1 country receive a higher Erasmus grant than those studying in a Group 2 or 3 country under the Erasmus programme. The same is true for Group of Countries 2. . The language test serves as a placement test to document the current language skills of students receiving funding through Erasmus. Students take the test both before and after their stay in order to be able to compare the results and to make it possible to analyze funded students` language progress. . . . Mandatory Language Tests After Being Selected for an Erasmus Study Placement The systematic review of the evolution of individual language skills across Europe assesses the effectiveness of Erasmus.