Build Over Agreements Southern Water

Construction of a public (minor) or lateral flow The requirement for a construction agreement is defined in the H4 part of the building code. Homeowners are responsible for water pipes that pass within the boundary of their property — they are called feeding pipes. Build over-agreements are a complex area both technically and legally and those who are not professional developers should consider seeking professional advice. A professional civil engineering consultant, with particular experience in building contracts, sewers and foundations, should be put in place. The cost of damage to sewers or foundations, without agreement or agreement, can be prohibitive. Most Build Overs don`t need a CCTV survey, so we can authorize it immediately. But if your channel is not-in-inland or above 160 mm (6″) In diameter, we order a CCTV survey before construction as soon as we agree with your project. We advise you to divert pipes around planned buildings or extensions. If you can`t, then channel all the pipes and fittings under the building, so that they can be accessed for repairs. If any of the works are found outside your borders, please see the work near our pipes. First, check to see if your new building is subject to the building code. If this is the case, you can use our building control protocol through your control inspector and you do not need to fill out this form. For more information, please see our instructions in section A: Don`t worry, simply fill in as much of the app as you can with as much detail as possible, even if they are very simple.

Your owner or architect should be able to help you. We may need to do additional research for sewers larger than 375 mm in diameter. This may delay the authorization. Learn more about the process. The control of the buildings will therefore require both details of the proposal and a copy of the construction contract submitted by the sanitation authority. If you have a construction contract for a domestic channel no more than 160 mm in diameter, you can continue the authorized work. If your answers meet our requirements, we will send you an agreement. If not, we will re-educate you to apply for an approved construction agreement that you should pay.

There is a discount to pay online. If the proposals do not comply with self-certification bodies, A construction application form can be downloaded via the following link: If the sewers involved require a diversion (replacement of existing pipes), you must apply in accordance with Section 185 to Southern Water Services: “assigned” public sewers are those that end up on the public sewer map managed by your local water and sewer company and that you can visit and inspect. You can also talk to a real estate search provider, including our Property Searches team, to order an Asset Location Search for your property. There is a tax for making this available.