Siku control app herunterladen

Control tractor using appDownload app, activate Bluetooth connection, and the playing fun starts. Using the new SIKUCONTROL APP, the John Deere 7310R and front loader can be controlled using your Smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS technology). Alternatively, the tractor is also available in a set with the Bluetooth remote control module. The John Deere 7310R is the strongest member of the 7R series. The SIKUCONTROL model, made from metal with plastic parts, is distinguished not only by its numerous features, but also because of the love of detail which fans treasure so much. All functions, as well as the tractor’s five gears, can be controlled by means of the app. Can be controlled either via the virtual joystick or the movement and inclination sensors of the mobile devices. This intuitive feature is a welcome change, and provides additional playing fun. The app makes precise manoeuvring just as possible as the control of the front loader, the trailer from Joskin and Fortuna, or the plough from Vogel & Noot. As with the remote control module, the headlights on the engine bonnet, the floodlights on the cab, the rear indicators, and flashing lights can be switched on and off.

The SIKUCONTROL APP also provides tractor fans with useful information about the John Deere 7310R. A name for the tractor can also be stored. The setting and functions of the app are updated continuously. Using the app’s OTA (Over-The-Air) function, the tractor’s software can be updated directly. Now control the tractors with front loader using your Smartphone and tablet: simpler, more intuitive, and with more playing fun. At home. On the move. Everywhere. To the incident – at full power! The original form of the all-terrain vehicle lives on in the Mercedes G model, even 40 years after its introduction.

The AMG G65 variant, which has a V12 bi-turbo engine and 630 HP, is especially powerful. In fire brigade look, and with all-round lights on the roof, the vehicle is unmissable even when its blue lights are switched off. And even on difficult terrain, the incident commanders are rapidly onsite. On the 1:50 scale miniature, the front and rear doors can be opened, and in addition all four wheels and the spare can be changed. With its trailer coupling, it can also pull heavy loads. Volle Kontrolle der Bluetooth SIKUCONTROL Traktoren mit Handy oder Tablet. Zu Hause. Unterwegs. Überall.Die App ermöglicht es, die SIKUCONTROL- Bluetooth Traktoren der Top Landwirtschaftsmarken John Deere, Fendt und Claas ohne ein Fernsteuermodul einfach mit dem Handy oder einem Tablet präzise zu steuern. Durch die Nutzung der standardisierten Bluetooth Technologie wird eine Kommunikation zwischen Modell und einem beliebigen Handy oder Tablet über die SIKUCONTROL APP möglich. Eine separate Fernsteuerung ist somit nicht mehr zwingend notwendig.

Die gesamten Funktionen der Traktoren sind über die App zu steuern. Das präzise Rangieren ist ebenso möglich wie die separate Schaltung von Licht und Rundumleuchten. Mit feinfühligen Schiebereglern ist das Steuern der Frontlader des Fendt und des John Deere kinderleicht möglich. Kontrolliert gesteuert wird die innovative drehbare Kabine des Claas Xerion ebenso wie die SIKUCONTROL Anhänger von Joskin und Fortuna sowie Grubber und Pflug der Marke Vogel&Noot. Das Control-Panel der App verfügt über eine virtuelle Joystick-Steuerung ebenso wie über die Möglichkeit, die Modelle über Bewegungssensoren zu lenken und zu navigieren.